NopCommerce Public WEB API

Fastest, most secured, optimized & extensive. Ideal for mobile application development.

User guide Swagger documentation

Key Features

  1. Extend without buying the source code from an another plugin.
  2. Postman collection included for ease of development.
  3. Response compression and server side caching for fast response.
  4. Multi-store supported. Single plugin for multiple applications across multiple stores.
  5. Muti-layered authentication.
    • No security tokens are saved in the database.
    • Configurable JWT secret key.
    • Unique API keys for each application.
  6. Feature to enable request & response logging. View and analyze request & response.
  7. Out of box support for refresh token mechanism.
  8. Maintainance option to delete expired tokens to free-up database space.
  9. Out of box support for nopCommerce customer activity logs.
  10. Administrator have complete control.
    • See a list of active customer tokens with friendly search & filters.
    • Revoke any customer token(s) to unauthorize them.
  11. Configurable development mode.
    • All methods that doesn't require a signed in user (users with access token) will work without the API key.
    • No guest users are created and no access token(s) are created.
    • [email protected] customer record is used out of the box.
  12. Guest customer migration supported.
  13. Complete coverage of nopCommerce front-end methods.
    • 170+ API methods.
    • Supports customer impersonation.
    • Idel for mobile applications, front-end website on different platforms.


  1. Supported nopCommerce version 4.40 (4.30 coming soon)
  2. Swagger documentation & user guide
  3. Multi-store support
  4. Trial version available
  5. Free upgrades for 1 year since date of purchase
  6. Highly optimized for performance & security
  7. Easy setup & configuration
  8. Fast and active support

Important note

Paid plugin & Source code delivery takes manimum two working days to deliver after the order has been paid.

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