NopCommerce Data Migration Service

nopcommerce migration services by nopadvance nopcommerce development company

Migrating from existing ecommerce platform to NopCommerce platform is a complicated process. You have to ensure that

  • all customer, product and order data is successfully transferred to the NopCommerce,
  • Any existing theme, plugins, customization, and integrations are ported over and work perfectly.
  • Your site’s URL structure and SEO rankings remain unchanged and the pages on new NopCommerce site are optimized for speed performance.
  • The migration of any existing ecommerce website to NopCommerce is seamless for both you and your customers
  • There is no black-out period in your operations.

Therefore, Having an experienced NopCommerce solution provider does play an important part in a successful migration.

In most cases, merchant owners of online shopping website migrate to NopCommerce platform when they have found the limitations of their current ecommerce platform while implementing certain requirements needed for their business process, or when their customers start complaining difficulties facing in their current website, either when placing orders or while navigating the site or simply accessing it.

If you’re facing a similar situation and are looking for experienced NopCommerce consultant to help you make the migration to NopCommerce successful, rest assured that you’ve come to the right place.



Our expert and well-experienced NopCommerce migration team has an extensive and wide experience in migrating online stores from any ecommerce platforms to NopCommerce. So irrespective of an ecommerce platform you’re coming from, we will make sure that your transition to NopCommerce is as seamless and smooth as possible. Our NopCommerce migration process is based on best practices obtained from years of experience and covers all the key activities required for a successful Magento migration such as:

nopadvance NopCommerce expert developer
  • Full database and website data backup prior to migration.
  • Analysis of current code & existing plug-ins.
  • Analysis of current customizations.
  • Code security, performance, & hosting audits.
  • Transfer of existing data like customers, products, orders etc.
  • Duplicate detection & handling.
  • Migration of CMS Content & existing URL structure.
  • Performance optimization.
  • SEO audit & optimization.
  • Magento to NopCommerce
  • Shopify to NopCommerce