NopCommerce Performance Enhancement Service

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NopCommerce Performance & Speed Optimization

The conversion rate of your eCommerce Store is directly related to the performance of your website!

While working on our clients’ projects, we found that nearly every NopCommerce store needs performance review and optimization. Even if a store is fast, it may not be considered fast enough by customers. Over 47% of buyers expect page loading time to be less than 2 seconds, and as many as 40% of buyers abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, the goal of our NopCommerce performance enhancement services is to thoroughly optimize the various onsite elements like user interface, Javascript, CSS, structured data markup, 3rd-party tags, etc., and reduce NopCommerce page load time to improve the usability of your site, boost click-through rates and increase traffic.

Even if you have a perfectly designed NopCommerce store having unique custom functionalities, your store still needs to be really fast so as to conform to Google speed standards and meet customer’s expectations.


NopCommerce Website Performance Assessment & Consultation Services

Our team will perform a thorough analysis of each component in the page-rendering process of your NopCommerce store for identifying performance gaps and areas of improvement.

Our NopCommerce performance audit consists of:

  • REVIEWING SERVER ENVIRONMENT: Our experts will conduct a detailed review of your server environment and will provide appropriate settings that are best suitable for your online store.
  • REVIEWING NopCommerce SETTINGS: Our specialists will help you in locating impediments that are caused by inefficient NopCommerce settings.
  • EXAMINING NopCommerce CODE: Most often speed issues in NopCommerce crop up due to 3rd party modules, unused extensions or clash between different modules. Our team of experienced developers can identify these issues easily and resolve them in real time.
  • EVALUATING FRONT-END FEATURES: Erroneous development of front-end features can not only slow down your store, but also affect customer experience. These issues can be effectively solved by our certified and experienced front-end NopCommerce developers.
  • PROFILING INVESTIGATION: NopCommerce profiler can help in identifying performance loopholes on the server side. Our specialists can effectively perform such profiling of your NopCommerce store and help you in resolving performance related issues.
  • ANALYZING DATABASE PERFORMANCE: Our experts document and analyze all slow queries of your store’s database. Once the analysis is complete, our experts work on optimizing MS-SQL queries to make it as fast as possible.

Discover how NopAdvance can help you optimize your NopCommerce Store.

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Let NopAdvance Help You Optimize the Performance of Your NopCommerce Store At NopAdvance, we know how to optimize your website and improve user engagement across multiple browsers, operating systems and devices. To improve page speed and overall user experience, we work on fine-tuning the server environment along with custom coding, UI Improvement and site optimization (CDNs, reverse proxy, caching, image optimization, improving on 3rd party code quality), etc.


Optimizing Web Server

Our developers analyze and perform software upgrades, ensuring that all software versions are updated correctly, and perform server hardware configuration related tweaks.


MS-SQL Configuration Tuning

Our specialists’ conduct exhaustive analysis to provide you with recommendations, and perform database configuration and optimization to ensure that it is in sync with your store, is clean and load balanced, and can make distinctions between read and write databases.


Installing Caching Engines

Quite a few times, it is more appropriate to move sessions to a cache instead of maintaining a database. Our team of experts at NopAdvance understand which cache backend system is best used in server environment, and how to configure and optimize it. We can assist you in installing, configuring and tuning Redis cache for NopCommerce, as well as ensure that they have smooth interaction.


Combining & Minifying CSS & JS

Our professionals accurately configure codes and web server to deliver fast and precise CSS and JavaScript pieces. It includes files compression, combining, etc., to make sure that visitors only receive files that are necessary.